Directorʼs Welcome


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to El-Fayrouz British International College (FBIC) part of the Fayrouz family of schools. This is our second decade of providing high quality education delivered in EL-Fayrouz Organisation in Portsaid. As a community of educators, we have redesigned our vision and mission in order to provide a holistic approach to our collective goals of ensuring each student’s success in academic, personal and societal development. We believe that every child matters, that every child has the ability and the tools to learn and thrive under the guidance of our highly educators Indeed, it’s our moral responsibility to ensure that every opportunity is available for every child to learn and inspire.

Each of our educational outlets provides a unique system of learning that caters for the personal choices of our students and parents, which in itself reflects our commitment to individual learning opportunities. Each has its own culture of teaching and learning, which fosters autonomy while still being guided
by the collective vision and mission of unique approaches towards a collective goal. Our commitment to life-long learning for our students is reflected in the dedication of our teachers and staff to grow and learn every day.

Dr.Mohammed Bassam